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ISO Tank Benefits

Reliable, space saving, efficient, green, and cost-reducing are some of the many benefits of using ISO tank containers for transporting bulk liquids. These tanks are manufactured to have the same size outer frame, so they can be used across the world.

ISO tanks are durable and unlikely to leak because of the materials they're made with plus the safety and leak prevention features. For example, these tanks have three independent closures on the discharge outlets to stop the flow, so all three would have to fail before there is a leak.

In addition, ISO tanks do not require additional packaging for transportation, and by reducing the amount of materials used they are considered a green product.

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Long Life Span

ISO tanks have an estimated life span of about 15-20 years depending on the usage. Use an ISO tank over and over for numerous materials with the easy-to-clean stainless steel interior. Some tanks can last even longer with thorough care and occasional refurbishing.

The long life span of these tanks makes them a better option for shipping when compared with other types of containers such as plastic ones, which are not reusable.

Certified Regularly

Since ISO tanks are transported by road, rail, or even across oceans, they must meet certain standards for each mode of transportation. Brand new tanks are certified when manufactured, then tanks go through a full retest and recertification every 5 years. You can trust that your tank with perform as intended for the extent of its life.

ABS Certification (American Bureau of Shipping) provides certification based on safety rules, guides, standards and other criteria for the construction of these tanks.

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Safety First

ISO tanks are equipped with various safety features, including the locked frame to prevent contents from shifting. On the top of the frame there are walkways that go over the tank, so that operators don't need to walk on the tanks themselves. There is a manhole for access to the tank during cleaning, or to survey contents. Many tanks also have hand rails for extra safety.

The side of the tanks typically features pressure and volume gauges, along with other features as needed. The discharge valve on the bottom uses gravity for draining.

Your ISO Tank Solutions

Do you need just one, or 100? Either way, we can find the right used ISO tanks for you.

Please complete the form to request a quote. Let us know how many tanks you need, where you need them, and what you need them for so that we can find the right solution.



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